The 7th edition of the annual Agonas Eleftheria Sailing Race (AESR) culminated on September 30, 2018 to rave reviews, deemed by participants and attendees alike as a resounding success. The two-day event – organised by the Limassol Nautical Club, and sponsored by Fameline Holding Group (FHG) – was held over the weekend commencing September 29, and comprised a bounty of activities, tasked with encouraging young athletes to hone their skills and aspire to constant betterment, and inspiring a sense of pride in belonging to the sailing community. The net proceeds from this year’s AESR were donated to FHG’s Heri me Heri (Hand in Hand) Foundation, thus enriching the race’s humanitarian identity. Established by FHG, a multifarious conglomerate headquartered in Limassol and composed of some 35 companies chiefly active across the maritime, industrial, and oil & gas sectors – Heri me Heri supports families with children under the age of 18, who are experiencing financial difficulties or suffering from health issues.

Some 70 young athletes came together to participate in this year’s B’ Optimist and B’ Laser boat races, along with more than 26 yachts that raced head to head in the offshore sailing race. The Catamaran escort tour, for those wishing to stay up close to the action, proved hugely popular, with 150 friends and associates taking to the sea to witness the regatta unfold.

Meanwhile, the evening cocktail reception hosted at Limassol’s Dolce Club and live concert featuring Greek singer Helena Paparizou were met with great praise and excitement. Further to the crème de la crème of the shipping and maritime community of the island congregating in support of the AESR, an esteemed cohort of senior government officials also attended the evening’s festivities, lending further gravitas to an already revered event.

Sharing his thoughts, FHG founder and managing partner Adamos Seraphides explained: “Once again, the AESR has served as a unifying event in the island’s sailing community. This is the 4th consecutive year where Fameline has been supporting the race and year after year we hear even louder the enthusiasm coming from the athletes and the Cyprus sailing community. That is why this year we are proud and privileged to announce a strategic collaboration between our Group and the Limassol Nautical Club. We envision being able to grow the scope of the Club and to increase its athletes’ level of readiness to compete in international events.”

Without the time and help of the event’s co-sponsors and supporters, the AESR could not have come so bountifully to fruition, and a heartfelt ‘thank you’ is extended to Cathelco, MIE Group, Bunkernet, One Net Group, Kaeline Group, Fameline Oil & Gas, Cyta, SKF Marine, Comtech, Turbo Belgium, SBS, Scanjet, Denjet, MBS Cargo, ARK Marine Services, BLRT Group, Azuma Engineering, Shin Shin Machinery, Exxon Mobil, Inmarsat, eSafe Solutions, Hytera, IMS, Hatchtec, Pole Star, UMC, Halmside and Moore Stephens.