“Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas” presentation and training seminar

Nicosia, Cyprus, 22nd and 23rd of October 2019 – Fameline Energy has delivered a 2-day presentation and training seminar on the “Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas” on behalf of the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation, together with our partners Oceanus Maritime Services and our speaker Ms Jody Edmunds.

The seminar focused on the full project lifecycle, looking at the various types of offshore projects and how their environmental impact is assessed, monitored and regulated.  Over two days, a number of fundamental environmental concepts were introduced and examined with the multidisciplinary audience, followed by an in-depth discussion of various case studies and aspects specifically relevant to Cyprus and the region as a whole.

Oceanus is a Houston based engineering company providing an array of services and consulting to both the marine and offshore industries.

Our speaker, Ms Jody Edmunds, is an environmental specialist with a background in Limnology and Marine Science complemented by vast industry experience and numerous scientific publications.