Fameline Energy is a proud partner of SeaTecHub, a European Union funded project.


SeaTecHub , a Cyprus and Croatia Excellence Hub comprises of a network of individuals, entities, resources, and structures that join forces in a way that catalyzes new products, ideas, methods, systems etc on Eco-Innovative Technologies for Healthy and Productive Seas.

The Consortium brings together 14 partners from 2 widening European Member States from the Mediterranean region – the quadruple helix actors with expertise in the R&I innovation management, technology areas, and various sectors leveraging collective knowledge and experience.

The project focuses on the following five sectors:

1. Aquaculture and fisheries

2. Smart ports

3. Maritime security and protection

4. Maritime technologies

5. Research and Education



For more information regarding the project, please visit www.seatechub.eu – SeaTecHub Project

2 Countries 14 partners Total project funding Duration
Croatia & Cyprus 2 research organizations
4 public authorities
5 business actors
3 NGOs
€ 4,499,580.00 01/06/2023 - 31/05/2027