Announcing our Membership to the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)

Announcing our Membership to the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)

Committed to Subsea Technology and Innovation

As a major participant in the energy business, we are pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a corporate member of the distinguished Society for Underwater Technology (SUT), and one of the founding member companies of the Eastern Mediterranean branch. This membership is significant for Fameline Energy because it demonstrates our company's commitment to investing in and improving underwater technology and innovation.

SUT has been in the forefront of bringing together specialists and organisations with a shared enthusiasm for underwater technology, ocean science, and offshore engineering since its inception in 1966. The Society supports collaboration and knowledge exchange among engineers, scientists, professionals, and students working in diverse undersea fields through its global network of members from more than 40 countries.

Our participation in SUT demonstrates the company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of underwater exploration and operations. While having a long history in the offshore hydrocarbon sector, this membership demonstrates our diversification and strategic focus on other emerging areas such as offshore renewables, marine autonomous systems, and policy, law, and insurance sectors that support a wide range of underwater activities.

"We are delighted and honoured to become a corporate member of the Society for Underwater Technology," stated Demetris Hadjigeorgiou, General Manager of Fameline Energy. "This certification demonstrates our ongoing pursuit of innovation and commitment to contributing to the advancement of underwater technology, and enhancing the knowledge and awareness in Cyprus and our region in general." This membership allows us to investigate intriguing potential in renewable energy, autonomous technologies, and environmental stewardship as we broaden our views beyond traditional offshore hydrocarbons. We look forward to working with SUT members to accelerate progress and foster long-term undersea solutions for the benefit of society."

Through our participation in SUT, we are prepared to significantly contribute to the transformation of underwater sectors and strengthen our position as a trailblazer in the global energy scene. As the company continues to develop ground-breaking solutions and technologies, it stays committed to harnessing the potential of underwater resources sustainably for a more sustainable and prosperous future.