Our Values

As our company strives for flexibility to better reflect the trends in the regions we serve, our four core values are our anchor and reference point, keeping our priorities and behavioural expectations in focus.


Safety encompasses our endeavour to execute our work without causing harm in the immediate, medium or long term. Everything we undertake considers the safety of our, our partners’ and our clients’ workforce as well as the safety of the environment around us. We shall remain vigilant, uncompromising and intolerant to unmitigated safety risks as we view this as the cornerstone of our viability.


Respect dictates our behaviour towards our partners, our clients, the world in which we operate and to each other. Externally, it covers our utmost adherence to human rights and compliance with laws and regulations. Internally, it refers to focusing on individuals, maintaining good working relationships with our stakeholders, listening to each other and acting with loyalty and unwavering integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and through our performance and behaviours earn the trust of our partners, clients and the community.


Accepting, nurturing and empowering everyone to develop and perform is an inherited value from our parent company. It is our version of creating and maintaining a family because we know that whatever the capability of the individual, a united family will accomplish more together. We prioritise the benefit of the team ahead of the individual’s and trust each other to meet our commitments.


Flexibility is one of our most valued assets and is embedded in the fabric of the company. We therefore safeguard it as it is paramount in the way we conduct business. Flexibility is our driver of efficiency and refers to approaching every problem, project or opportunity with an open mind and being innovative in the way we identify, evaluate and execute our work. It is a constant strive against a rigid and immobile structure in favour of a nimble and adaptive framework.